From architect to jewelry designer

The study of form, of balance and creation have always been a part of the background and professional growth of Miriam Nori.After earning her degree in orchitecture in Rome, and a period dedicated to her profession, Miriam experienced her first approach to the world of fashion and design while working on projects for stores connected to this world.

From there it was a short step: a purposeful change of direction, sought after, perhaps, to give free rein to an art form, that of creative jewelry, which is more immediate, instantaneous and decidedly more focused, both as to the materials employed and the micro-dimension.
This was followed shortly by important collaborations – still on-going .- with various fashion designers and brands.


A proposal for a new aesthetic standard for contemporary jewelry.

The vision and the courage to go beyond the artistic standards traditionally proposed in the world of jewelry.

This is Miriam Nori’s conceptual and artistic philosophy.

To imagine, create, and love ‘scupture-jewelry’: different, instantaneous, tactile, imperfect

But at the same time, able to expand over time, fluid and elegant

Contrasting gold with bronze

Pure luster with oxidation

Contrasting the perfect moment when the jewelry was created with the overtones of time, an evolution of the concept of beauty itself.


The material that enters into a symbiosis

The creations of Miriam Nori could only take shape through the use of that material which has always been the first choice of sculptors

Bronze creates a circular bond between the artist, the material itself, time and the person wearing it

Through her mediation the artist underlines the beauty of the forms suggested by the bronze: the artist imagines it, she molds it, she ‘paints’ its essence

A woman, entering into symbiosis with the material through its own particular characteristics, adapts it to herself, in a continuing evolution

It is for this reason that the transformations originating from the contact of raw material with the skin are absolutely a plus-value sought after from the first moment of the creative concept.


A creative vision, craftsmanship, a bond with the land

All this happens in Italy, more precisely in Umbria, historically and artistically one of the most important regions of the world

Miriam Nori’s atelier ‘breathes in’ the avant-garde atmosphere of the Campus within which it is located: an air rampant with energy which fosters new creative visions in the elaboration of new collections of bronze jewelry

The workshop, where the jewelry is produced, is located in another area of the district of Terni so that we cannot define Miriam Nori’s art as “a rapid art at zero kilometers”.


Best of Bijoux—Design category

Macef, January 2013

Donna Oltre (Woman Beyond)
Chamber of Commerce, Terni, 2013


Fairs and Events

Biennale Fiber Art, Amelia (Tr) 2006

Music Art in the World Sofia 2008

Collective. ‘Tracce’ (Traces) Narni (Tr) 2009

White Show, Milan, since 2012

HOMI, Milan, since 2012

Bijorhca, Paris 2013


Design of costume jewelry collection A/1 2009-2010

Sole24ore Culture: jewelry exhibit in the bookshops at the shows dedicated to Marina Abramovic-PAC, Milan; Pablo Picasso – Palazzo Reale, Milan; Modigliani – Palazzo Reale, Milan; Kandinsky – Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome; Munch – Palazzo Reale, Milan; Klimt -Paris

Vitraria. Museo del Vetro, Venice